Perklee's location based Search & Save platform makes it easier than ever to help small business owners reward loyal customers, generate new ones and most importantly collect data that allows them to consistently communicate with their customers by sending Perks (discounts) to get them back in the door!


  1. No investment on your end other than time and travel!

  2. No monthly fee for software.

  3. Established search engine making it easier than ever to grow.

  4. Get up and going faster with our internal team building pages for you for the first month.

  5. 80% success rate on getting to the decision maker on the first visit/call!

  6. Being part of a team that has a common goal.

  7. Straight 40% commissions on all sales and renewals. NO CAP!

  8. Support and training whenever you need it.

  9. We market directly in your local area! 10% of all revenue from your area goes back into social media marketing to help you continue to grow your area!

How Perklee Works

Perklee is a location based search & save platform that drives consumers to purchase directly from area businesses. Business

listings on Perklee are designed as a one-page summary of the most important information on their website that will easily connect the consumer with the business. Marketing Agencies can now provide their clients or prospects with a free listing on to help open up doors by giving them a free listing on In exchange for their free listing on Perklee, all we ask that they place Perks to their page to reward their current customers and attract new customers.

Here at Perklee, we pride ourselves in getting the consumer to purchase directly from the business verses using third-party booking engines or secondary retailers that charge high fees and commissions. Perklee provide one click booking direct to their booking engine or online store, so consumers can work directly with them, without paying a third-party. You are now providing a service that saves them thousands and freeing up cashflow to spend more money with your agency.

The Perklee Plan can be completely free for the business by providing us with an incredible perk for at least one member per day to use. We provide them with a QR Code with a direct link that sends customers to their listing to leave a review & see what Perks are available for them to use and register as a FREE member. This process allows us to collect valuable data, then share it with the business for Perk marketing. The system automatically triggers Perk emails each time a new Perk or Perks are added to their listing.

We often find that businesses want these tools, but don't have the time to manage the. That is where you come in! You get in the door by giving them incredible exposure and marketing tools for free, but more often than not that turns into you bringing on a client that you manage, thus making commissions. You have no costs other than your time by introducing Perklee to as many business owners as possible. Many will take advantage of the Free offer, but we find that about 10% take advantage of the managed package which you make 40% commission on all new business and residuals.

Community-Based Marketing!

Businesses Helping Businesses Grow

When adding a businesses within a geographical region to, it creates a community that helps businesses grow by attracting consumers to buy direct. The Perklee Method is designed to reward consumers with Perks for being loyal. The community continues to grow and we find that each business has a different set of customers, therefore organically sharing customers by every business using the same reference point. Community-based marketing is boosted by Perklee using targeted ads specifically within each county. Ad spend is based on the number of businesses within each county.


MORE THAN JUST SAVINGS! has one of the best review platforms online because of our versatility. Every review criteria is industry specific and is calculated by taking the average of all six categories and calculating the overall 5 star review.

In addition, we share each consumer and each score individually in your clients dashboard for them to help them see exactly what they do great and where they need to improve.

Have a review that looks off? Don't worry, allows clients to request a review validation. We will reach out to the consumer to validate the review. If it is validated, we will share that information with the client. If not, we will remove the review from their business listing.


Perklee Partnership means big returns for small businesses!

Important to note that in this case study, there wasn't a single other business on Perklee in this area.

Google Ad Spend (1 month)

CONCLUSION: Although google is significantly higher in impressions and clicks, Perklee is lower in price and the business was able to have a larger ROI. Perklee will continue to grow and as we do, we expect our impressions and clicks to significantly increase. We are not trying to be google, but we do believe we are a cross between a Yelp and a Groupon who provides a great ROI by not taking revenue dollars from each business.

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